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a subtle fire races under my skin...
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29th-Aug-2007 09:15 am - I've Moved!

I have no idea why I didn't post anything here sooner, but I have gotten myself a NEW journal! If you would like to be my "friend" (lol), please add me over at dementria! =)
7th-Mar-2006 11:08 pm - 30 Random Facts...
This is something I filled out on a forum I post at, but figured it was interesting enough to post here as well if anyone is bored enough to read it.

30 Random Facts About Me

1. I got slimed by Nickelodeon when I was 9 at Wyandot Lake. (Local water park)
2. I love to read horror books or anything to do with something morbid.
3. The human brain interests me greatly.
4. I'm an anime freak.
5. I love playing consol and PC games such as Halo 2 and World of Warcraft.
6. I'm an only child.
7. My parents separated 2 years ago, and I'm fine with it. Somehow thinking about them getting back together feels very odd to me.
8. I often have dreams about pulling random objects out of my throat. (gum, string, etc.)
9. I love scandinavian and viking metal.
10. Also love Japanese rock bands.
11. I wish I lived in Japan.
12. Recently I have developed an irrational fear of chicken. The sight and smell of it makes me nauseous, which I hate because I used to love chicken.
13. Trillions of tiny holes in objects freak me out ever since I saw this photoshoped picture of a womans breast that has lots of tiny fish eggs imbedded in her. Honeycombs and corn cobs without the corn freak me out for the same reason.
14. I consider myself agnostic and a realist.
15. For awhile I practiced the religion hellenismos, which is the religion of the Greek gods. I really like Artemis and Hestia.
16. Studied Hinduism as well.
17. I like Elegant Gothic Lolita clothing.
18. I currently have 400 dollars. (Can you tell I am running out of stuff?)
19. I still haven't gotten my liscense even though I am 18.
20. I am fairly good at bowling (have an average of 145) and am even in a league with my cousin (who has an average of about 185). Dorky, I know. But I enjoy it. lol
21. I have been taking Taekwondo (Korean martial arts) for the past 2 years.
22. I love Caramel Macchiado's, Cinnamin Dolce Latte's and Java Chip Frapps from Starbucks. (Had a Dolce this morning)
23. I want to either be a chef or a photographer when I get older. Used to want to be a computer programer but decided it wasn't for me, even though I love computers and am good with them.
24. Sometimes I feel like I should be some kind of sex educator because I have an answer for just about every question. (Yeah, I read A LOT about sex and sexuality. But I am professional about it.)
25. When I was younger I wanted to be a singer, actress, and an FBI agent. Not all at the same time... lol
26. I often am power hungry. I like any creature that exudes it. I'm not the type of girl to say bunnies are my favorite animal. I prefer snakes and black panthers/lions. Also wolves, but not domestic dogs. As for mythical creatures, I like dragons instead of fairies. :P
27. I have a huge crush on someone that lives 4 hours away from me. Boo.
28. My first girl crush was on my babysitter when I was very young, then later had a thing for Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice.) Used to be obsessed with the Spice Girls. But then again, every girl was back then. I even saw them in concert, but sadly, I didn't get to see Geri because at that time she had just very very recently left the band. It was the Spice World tour.
29. When I was 9 two of my girlfriends and myself used to go into the basement at my babysitters after school and touch each other in the dark... Ah, young lesbian moments. LOL
30. I used to take diving lessions, but quit after 2 years. I can still do good dives and flips off diving boards, though.
6th-Mar-2006 09:07 am - Female Pimps...
I just got a vision for a photograph of a woman as a pimp (costume: hat tilted to the side, hair in big curls, long furr coat draped over her shoulders, tight pinstripe pants and jacket, stilettos, a cane imbedded with thousands of diamonds) throwing money in the face of a man sitting on his knees with his hands behind his back in nothing but tight, black boxer briefs (hint: the man is the prostitute). That would be awesome becauase I have never heard of a woman pimping man prostitutes. Love the role switch, makes me feel empowered. LOL

I think my sicky-ness is getting to me. O_O
31st-Jan-2006 07:24 pm - Jrock mp3...
I'm in love with this song at the moment. Actually, I am just in love with Hitsugi's guitar solo that is a classical music piece that I can't place. ;P lol Anyone who can do classical music on an electric guitar is my god. It always just sounds sooo good. I remember watching a video of Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom doing Vivaldi pieces on his guitar. I think I almost orgasmed. Oo;;

Muzzle Muzzle Muzzle by Nightmare
16th-Dec-2005 03:57 am - 21 Icons...!
[10] Misc Actresses
    [1] Felicity Huffman
    [2] Marcia Cross
    [2] Marcia & Felicity
    [2] Julianne Moore
    [3] Jodie Foster
[11] Desperate Housewives
    [1] Gabrielle
    [4] Bree
    [6] Lynette

as fast as you can...Collapse )
6th-Dec-2005 05:42 pm - 33 Icons...!
[28] Actresses
    [2] Felicity Huffman
    [8] Marcia Cross
    [3] Marcia & Felicity (1 Bree & Lynette)
    [5] Jennifer Aniston
    [3] Julianne Moore
    [6] Megan Mullally (3 Karen Walker)
    [1] Emma Watson
[2] Xena Warrior Princess
    [2] Gabrielle
[2] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
    [1] Makoto
    [1] Sailor Moon
[1] Misc. Characters
    [1] Elvira

all dark and bright...Collapse )
4th-Jan-2005 09:30 pm - Going Friends Only...!

Since I have decided to try and keep things more private due to... certain lurkers, I've made my journal Friends Only. You may comment if you wish to be added to my friends list. I'll most likely add you back if you seem interesting enough. ^__~ I'm also cleaning up my friends list. So if you are on my list and want to stay there, please comment so I will know to keep you.
4th-Jan-2005 07:14 pm - This Isn't Right...
Well, I feel violated. Yes, I know you can see where I have been on my computer through temporary internet files and even cookies and the history files when you open IE. But I always delete them before I give my computer to you. Apparently I forgot, recently. I delete them for a reason, so I have privacy. So people can't know every aspect of my life and what I think. People, being you and a few others. You may think you deserve to know me or where I have been online, but this is different. There are things I don't want some people to know. Would you like it if your parents told you about their sex life? Its not fun. So I don't want to hear about yours, or have you know about mine either. I don't want you to know what I do in private, because thats the whole point of privacy. Everyone deserves privacy, even me. Even someones child, it doesn't matter. You may think you deserve to know where I have been because you want to protect me, or you think I shouldn't be looking at possibly explicit things at my age. Well, you're wrong. Sorry to say. I'm in no means innocent. I have not been innocent for a very long time. Theres nothing that can scar me now. I'm already scarred and theres no going back from that, of course. So I feel I am entitled to look at or read whatever I feel like. Theres nothing to keep safe. I'm actually quite glad I know as much as I do, because it makes me intelligent in this area.

I guess I won't say half the things I wanted to, considering I may want to take the last piece of privacy I have left with me while I still have it. That is unless, you find a way to hack into my mind. Then I would be screwed, huh?

If you even found this or read it, I'd very much appreciate you stop. I know it could be hard, considering it may be interesting, but this journal deserves to be private.

Again, if you have read this, do not try discuss it with me in reality. I will most likely not say anything, since I have a hard time finding my voice in situations like these. Theres another reason for privacy, so you never have to talk about the things you don't want to talk about to others. These things, I do not want to talk about.

In short, you don't have to worry about what I see, what I read, what could happen to me. I know what I'm doing. I know what is safe and what is not. I may have different opinions than you on things, but I still know if I will be OK or not. You don't have to worry about me being corrupted or turning into a bad person. I have complete control over that. I'm not looking to be a bad person, I'm looking to be myself. Which is apparently what you have found, even though I am still discovering new things.
26th-Oct-2004 11:57 pm - Interestingly Accurate Quiz...
"What Ancient Greek Personality Type Are You?" - Results:

You are Sanguine - The ancient Greeks believed this was caused by having too much blood.

Strengths: You are enthusiastic, talkative, expressive, and friendly.

Weaknesses: You can be undisciplined, distractable, and have a tendency to exaggerate.

At your best: You are an energetic spokesperson.

At your worst: You can be an egotistical entertainer.

You measure your own value by: Applause

For personal growth, you should focus on: Restraint

For others to relate well to you, they should be: Stimulating

Others should support your: Ideas

If someone wants you to make a decision, they should give: Testimonies
1st-Oct-2004 08:34 pm - Random MP3 Playlist...
Step 1: Open your Winamp or other MP3 player.
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: Write down the first ten songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 4: Wait for complaints about the esoteric nature of your mp3s.

1. "Midgard" - Therion
2. "Hate Me" - Children of Bodom
3. "Same Direction" - Hoobastank
4. "[KR]Cube" - Dir en grey
5. "Beauty and the Beast" - Nightwish
6. "Aphelion" - Tristania
7. "Final Solution" - Cage
8. "No Problem" - Lil Scrappy
9. "Children of Decedance" - Children of Bodom
10. "The End of Heartache" - Killswitch Engage

Please, don't look at the Lil Scrappy song for too long... *hides*
9th-Jul-2004 10:23 pm - You Know...
Wow, coming from a person that actually lives in Ohio, you will not believe just how many stereotypes there are in this! LOL Or maybe its just because I am from central Ohio. *shrugs*

You Know You're From Ohio When...

You've never met any celebrities.
Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a tractor on the highway.
"Vacation" means driving through Hocking Hills or going to King's Island.
You've seen all the biggest bands ten years after they were popular.
You measure distance in minutes.
Down south to you means Kentucky.
You know several people who have hit a deer.
Your school classes were canceled because of cold.
Your school classes were canceled because of heat.
You've ridden the school bus for an hour each way.
You've ever had to switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day.
You think ethanol makes your truck "run a lot better."
You know what's knee-high by the Fourth of July.
Stores don't have bags; they have sacks.
You see people wear bib overalls at funerals.
You see a car running in the parking lot at the store with no one in it no matter what time of the year.
You end your sentences with an unnecessary preposition. Example:"Where's my coat at?" or "If you go to the mall I wanna go with."
All the festivals across the state are named after a fruit, vegetable, or grain.
You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked.
You think of the major four food groups as beef, pork, beer, and Jell-O salad with marshmallows.
You carry jumper cables in your car.
You know what "cow tipping" or "Possum Kicking" is.
You only own 3 spices: salt, pepper, and ketchup.
You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.
Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow.
You think everyone from a bigger city has an accent.
You think sexy lingerie is tube socks and a flannel nightie.
The local paper covers national and international headlines on one page but requires 6 pages for sports.
You think that deer season is a national holiday.
You know which leaves make good toilet paper.
You find -20 degrees F "a little chilly".
You know all 4 seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Construction.
You know what a real buckeye is, and have a recipe for candy ones.
You know if another Ohioian is from southern, middle or northern Ohio as soon as they open their mouth.
You can spell words like Cuyahoga and Tuscarawas.
You know that Serpent Mound was not made by snakes.
You actually get these jokes and forward them to all your Ohio friends.
Isn't it sad? You just said "yup" and "uh-huh" or aint that the truth" to most of these!!!
7th-Jun-2004 09:20 pm - Its Cute...?
I just thought this was cute... ^_^

Hamster Teriyaki Fried Rice Dr. Pepper Mint Choc Chippo Icecream
Only 800 yen!
Get your own at Hamstar's Noodlebar!
Jrock Family by esneka
Favourite Colour
Your Mother isYukina (Madeth Gray'll)
Your Father isKamijo (Lareine)
Your Brother isJuka (Moi dix Mois)
Your Boyfriend isToshiya (Dir en Grey)
Your Best friend IsBansaku (Baroque)
Your Pet isKazuno (Moi dix Mois)
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

YAY! Toshiyas my boyfriend! :P Although i would have rather had Miyavi... or Mana. Or Kyo! Damnit.
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